MyStore App for Android Phones

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This is an Android App for managing your store. You create a virtual Store of your actual store on your phone. Your goods are arranged into Categories with there cost price selling price and quantity.

When a customer makes a purchase, you login this purchase on your Phone.The app does the calculations such as totals and profits automatically.

With this you have a data base of sales, and you can:

  1. Query using any date to get the sales made on that day as well as the time the sales where made.
  2. Query using a range on dates to get the profit history, either for a couple of days, weeks, a month or a couple of months

This app is free to try for 14 days.

To download this app click here.

If you have exhausted your trial period and you want to get the app permanently, click on Pay Now below to get your unlock code. The cost is N2000 . Note you would need the five or six digit code that is displayed in your trial version to get the unlock code.

A virtual Store App

MyStore app is free to try

If you already have this app, you have tried it and want the full version click on PayNow below. Note you would need the code the app generated for you on you Phone to get the unlock code.

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